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        Aqua Dog™ Water Bottle

        Hydration is important for your dog too! They love long trips and walks, but they also love water! Say goodbye to impractical water bottles and bowls for your dog when on the...

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        Polar Pooch™ Cooling Mat

        Dogs can cool themselves through panting, but this is sometimes not enough. Polar Pooch™ is the smart mat that enables your pets to cool off quickly & safely! The cooling gel is automatically...

        $19.99 – $79.96 Select optionsSelect options

        Climb Cart™

        Lifting too much weight can cause you to injure and hurt your back; but not anymore! The Climb Cart® is the innovative folding cart that climbs stairs with you! The sturdy...

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        The ZAPPLIGHT™

        Introducing the world's first LED light bulb with Bug Zapping Technology! No chemicals, no sprays, no fumes; The ZAPPLIGHT is 100% safe, and very easy to clean. A soft blue LED...

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        Crank Chop™

        Take the hard work out of chopping, blending, and mincing! Perfect for vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and so much more; The Crank Chop™ is the perfect solution!  Portable and easily hand-powered...

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        Hercules™ Garden Hose

        Say goodbye to heavy hoses that tangle, kink, and tear! The Hercules™ Garden Hose is your new kink-proof, tear-proof, and leak-proof hose. Interlocking armor design and steel casing that keeps water...

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        Hurricane Spin Broom™

        From the makers of the best selling Hurricane Spin Mop™ comes the Hurricane Spin Broom™! Say bye to your ordinary brooms that are not capable of picking up all the mess!...

        $19.99 – $79.96 Select optionsSelect options